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Blakes Men Boots

Hard quality upper material. Strong rubber sole for maximum friction and allows for easy movement. Suitable for all weather. Great for hiking and camping.

Stylish ladies half boot heels

Open toe Jean blue half boot heels. Perfect for all occasions. With metal studs and ankle belt. Comes in three different material: suede, jean and leather-like.

Gold Pencil Heels

R299.00 R249.00
Gold coloured party & semi-formal heels. Great for both day & night events. Great bead-like design and high friction sole.

Ladies Party Heels

R299.00 R249.00
Great shiny pencil heels covered in bling/shiny glass. Silver with blue trimming. High friction sole reduces slipping on slippery surface.

Ladies Coloured Strap Sandals

R229.00 R199.00
Good quality sandals with latest straps design. Comes in variety of colours. Firm sole.  

Studded Pencil heels

Studded Pencil heels. Great shoes for casual and semi-formal occasions. Metal studs makes the shoe strong. Ankle Zip allows for easy wearing. Well ventilated.

Ballop Skin shoes

Remarkable foot ventilation, an unparalleled level of resilience, a premium degree of comfort and eco-friendly construction and striking design –

Ballop Sneakers

Super Comfy Walkers from Ballop! Just landed.Comfortable, Sexy Sneaker. Price includes door to door courier within South Africa only! Limited